I am delighted that you are here.

This is my personal blogsite of life, love, and living.

‘Crazy-weird’ is my husband’s description of me. He thinks I live life without a plan!

He is probably correct!

I  do what I need to do and get done what needs to be done, even if the doing part takes a few hours longer or maybe even a few Earth rotations around the sun. But I do achieve a goal of some sort – and I am sticking by that statement 🙂

I am a vegetarian.

I chose vegetarianism after watching a documentary about meat production. The movie moved me. It tugged at my heart-strings and made me cry!

It also grossed me out that I barfed out the meal I ate earlier clogging up the sink in my dorm room. So I decided to not eat meat anymore for as long as I am able to feed myself. I literally became a vegetarian overnight when I was 22.

Teaching and being taught is my life!

I wasn’t always a teacher though – at one point in my life I was a  scientist.

I believe in continuous improvement and growth of the human mind, the brain and the spirit. We cannot and should not resist change. My philosophy of life is to do what you can in the time that you have.

I am generally a happy person regardless of the curve ball life threw at me. I guess we learn and grow from these things.

Purpose of this blog

I hope it will provide you with some light reading to take the stress out of the day or just something you can read because you just happen to come here for some reason.

Every encounter we have has a reason. We may not know what that is – but sooner or later it will manifest.


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Hope you stick around ….

May you be well and happy.


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