Confessions of a Talentless Gardener: Yard Design

Being my own yard designer

Day 4

“Do you know what you are doing?” my husband asked as I started to remove piles of rock.

“Don’t ask me questions like that.” I told him. “I really do not like having to lie to you.”

And that was how today, Easter Sunday, began out in the yard.

Today’s mission…

…was really unplanned!

I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish but was making things up as I went along – and I went along for six hours.

First let me take you back.

Last year we had some work done in the house, and that work included the construction of a porch. This was how it was before:

yard design

Then last year this began…

Now, when they completed the construction of this porch, they did not fill in the gap on the bottom. This really was bothersome, as we have loads of chipmunks.

Fearing that these little animals would go and make their home underneath this newly constructed porch, my husband purchased several bags of rocks and ‘dumped’ them haphazardly around the porch.

As this was late last year, I let it be, just like I let the tulips be!

So the mission today was to sort out the husband-created-mess!

The work

It’s true I began with no plan. But then inspiration hit me.

I started taking out the stones around the porch with the intention of ordering it so it looked nice. As I proceeded with this I though; “Hmm…maybe I should remove all the stones and place one of those weed barrier fabrics there and put all the stones back.”

And that was what I did…

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Light bulb moment!

After finishing the stone rearrangement, another thought came to my head.

“Maybe I should strip down all the grass and plant shrubs or roses.”

My thought might have come out of my head and expressed itself through my mouth as my husband who was near by responded with, “What? You don’t know what you are doing do you?”

I ignored his rhetorical question, and sent him out to get me some shrubs.

He reluctantly obliged and returned with five rhododendrons of the same kind.


Anyway, I was a little uncertain about planting all five rhododendrons in one small area after reading  the little label attached. These things grow to be 5-6ft!

So I planted one in the middle, and decided to plant the other four elsewhere.


By 3:00 p.m. I felt as if I was just a walking skeleton without any muscles. My body was yelling at me to stop.

So I stopped.

But my work with this area is not done.

Tomorrow is Patriot’s Day. So I will have time to go back out there and finish what I started … and of course buy some shrubs!


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  1. PERFECT! I love the onsite development of a garden. Yes, those Rhodes’ grow and grow and grow Careful one got made at me, too much pruning and grew twice as much the following year.

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