Confessions of a Talentless Gardener: Planting and Re-Planting

More Tulips! And Re-Planting Roses

Day 3

Just when I thought that I was done planting those darn tulips, which I purchased six-months ago, I find two more packets!

So as well as my planned mission of completing Spring cleaning, I also have to do more tulip planting!

Today’s Mission

Was to first Spring clean the area around the mailbox, which we turned into a larger planting area four years ago.

Second, to Spring clean another part of the front yard that I turned into a planting area last year!

Let the work begin…

With this in mind I set out into the yard ready to be one with nature.

It was another warm weekend and my neighbors were already out in their yard. After exchange of greetings and small-talk, I began my work.

Cleaning out the area around the mailbox took longer than I expected.

Four years ago, when I had no idea what I was doing, I planted three rose bushes in that area. Now looking at this area through all the fall debris, I decided that maybe one of the rose bushes, which appeared to be spreading, may need re-planting.

This was a battle. And I have battle scars to show for it!

The rose bush did not want to be moved. Its thorns pierced into my arms and legs. But I fought hard and finally uprooted it. I planted it in a new area where it can spread as much as it wants.

Having successfully re-planted that rose bush, I continued with the clean-up mission. But something looked odd.

I had originally planted the three rose bushes following an unknown mathematical formula that resulted in a pattern. Now that pattern was no more.

I need to uproot and re-plant a second rose bush, or bring the other rose bush back.

Reluctantly, I dug up the second rose bush, which by the way came out without a fight, and re-planted it as well.

So after restoring the harmony, symmetry, and balance of the universe, I completed the cleaning up of the mailbox area.

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Finally to finish with this area, I planted some of the tulips around the mailbox, and hoped that they would still bloom.

After lunch…

I began work on the second part of my mission.

By the time I started on this part of my mission, the wind had picked up, so clearing the leaves from this area was easy. All I did was disturb the clumps of leaves, and let the wind blow them across the road into the woods.

Sometimes one just has to relax and allow the forces of nature do the hard work.

And in no time, I was done!

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As I was busy getting the through the front yard. My husband was out in the back yard burning the Christmas tree, and other dead fall foliage.


And finally…

It was another productive day in the yard, I worked out for five hours, got loads of fresh air, and even met a a little creature I so wanted to take indoors with me and raise it as my own.


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8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Talentless Gardener: Planting and Re-Planting

  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog. As a newbi to gardening I love reading about people experience and reading from people who know what they are doing.

    1. Sia, Thank you so much. But I got to tell you that I really do not have a clue as to what I am doing. I just do this as I love being outdoors.

  2. I love having flowers around but mom is like “oh let’s plant vegetables instead”
    Can’t wait to see how it looks after few months. Do post an update.

  3. What a beautiful area around your mailbox. I like how you have the before and after changing automatically! This is such a fun time of year with planting and transplanting. We started our small vegetable garden this weekend and now waiting patiently for the first buds to appear. Okay its only been a day but I get impatient! LOL

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