Confessions of a Talentless Gardener – No idea what to do next!

No idea where I go from here

Day 7

It rained a lot since I was last out in the yard. In fact the temperature dropped so low that we had to turn the heat back on in the house. Luckily it did not drop to the point to get ‘April snow’ like in England.

 So today I did some touch-ups of the areas I started on Day 6, and planted more roses and more perennials. I figured planting perennials and roses  would be the best for both me and the plants.

Planting part was easy. I weeded this section on Day 6, so all I had to do was dig some holes and put the plants in the holes. I also learned two new things about gardening.

The first was based on my own observation. Last year I planted six rose bushes. From the six only four appeared to have survived the winter. The ones that survived the winter were planted deeply into the ground, and the two that died were not. From this observation, I hypothesized that perhaps I need to dig deeper holes to plant the roses.

The second I learned from a conversation with a neighbor. She told me that irises should not be planted deep into the ground. I took her word on this to be a fact. I figure that anyone but me probably knows something about plants.

Next thing …

Once all the planting was done, my attention turned to this:

It is actually a very large area, which is currently full of weeds. And this is where I have come to a stand-still. I have no idea what do do here, or where to start.

Got to start somewhere…

And I started by wondering what to do with the four left over rhododendrons from Day 4 out in the yard, which was in fact two whole weeks ago. I was thankful it had rained as they were still live and sort of greenish when I decided to plant them.

I planted them right at the back of the mound:

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