Confessions of a Talentless Gardener – Lavenders

All about Lavenders

Day 6

I love lavenders!

I just have to tell you that because as from today, I have planted 30 lavenders in the front yard. Maybe one day when I retire, I will set up a lavender lab in the house and extract and sell lavender oil to people.

Well, it’s an idea!

Anyway, today I began work on an area of the yard that I have not touched for a few years! Nothing grew on this area except weeds. So all I ever did there was weed, and I got so good at weeding, I wrote a blog – How to weed without stressing.


Step back in time…

Before I tell you what my mission was today, let me take you back in time to the day we decided to make changes to the yard.

When we first moved into our current home 8 years ago, we had this massive out of control forsythias. Then one winter we had a lot of snow and when the snow melted, the forsythias looked as if they had been sat on by a gigantic elephant!

So I asked my husband, very nicely, to remove them. And when the snow melted, he removed them. Good husband!

But, to remind me of that awful mess that once was, I kept one behind.

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The year after the removal of these hideous bushes, we built a retaining wall circulating that area. And my semi-thought out plan was to grow something on there.

But for two, may be three years, nothing happened. And this is what it looks lkie today.


Today’s Mission …

…was to begin planting on top of that mound.

Notice I said ‘begin.’ And  I began, at around 7:00 a.m with the weeding.

And once the weeding was done, I had a blank canvas, so to speak. So I could let my imagination wonder. and decided on lavenders and roses. This is what I wanted to get a while back for a different area in the front yard, but the garden shop did not have lavenders or roses at that time. So I was a little nervous as I drove down to the garden center as 10:00 a.m.

They had 15 lavenders. I purchased them all!

Then I wanted to get some flowers that can be planted by the edge of the wall and they will grow hanging down. I had not idea what they are called, yet I managed to find them I purchased 12 of these.

Then I came home and planted them.

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By lunch time I was done with that side. This is the side that faces the street, so I was happy to have got the stuff I purchased planted.

Next, I decided to do the side parallel to the driveway. I had not planned on doing this part, and I had no plants left, except for three leftove lavenders.

So another trip down to the garden center and got more plants, and did this…

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Almost done…

Looking back at what I did today, I think I need to put something in the back row. Not sure what though. I

I am sure it’ll come to me when I least expect it.

But for now I think I am happy that after years of looking at weeds, I will be looking at lavenders!

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  1. What a great job you have done! I love lavender but never thought of growing it. Does it need much water, it’s hot and dry in the summer and would love something that can take the heat and not need a lot of watering.

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